About Me

I love everything about my work. Whatever the nature of the project is, my work is always driven by design thinking, purpose, analytics, experiences, elegance, and first and foremost people.

My expertise is based on more than 20 years working in television, media and news organizations, working with more than 60 nationalities. I’ve established design departments, built tablet and mobile news apps, branded and designed primetime television newscasts, crafted brand identities, developed go-to-market strategies, created advertising campaigns, won awards and hit numbers.

The highlight of my career to this date was definitely launching the $25-million award-winning tablet news app Toronto Star Touch. But what I’m most proud of is building the Star’s digital design practices. Within eight months, I hired, mentored and oversaw a team of 70+ that included the editorial and design operations for the digital platform; and coached the 350-person newsroom on visual journalism. My design teams have won and shortlisted for multiple awards. And my identity design work was published in books.

I have 3 degrees in Management, Graphic Design and IT Management, and I’m fluent in French and Arabic.

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