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Le Téléjournal is considered by many as a media institution in Québec. I had the privilege of working with such talented teams during my 12 years at Radio-Canada in Montreal on the broadcast design of the primetime newscasts, as well as on major breaking news and global events.

I also had the privilege to work closely with Bernard Derome, Quebec’s iconic television figure, during his last years on screen as the chief news anchor of Radio-Canada, and then with his successor Céline Galipeau, who is considered as one of the most liked news anchors in the country.

Design Mandate

Our challenge was to create world-class design that attracted the viewers’ eyes, minds and hearts, without losing their attention from the main goal: the news. We wanted to position Le Téléjournal as the go-to evening newscast.

Another challenge we faced every day in television was designing news graphics dealing with complex and sensitive subjects on very short deadlines. My solution also included user-friendly templates for in-house designers to work with.

Mandates, Special Events & Newscasts I worked on


Le Téléjournal 22h
Hosted by Céline Galipeau
2009 – 2014

Le Téléjournal Week-end
Hosted by Pascale Nadeau
2009 – 2014

RDI Économie
Hosted by Gerald Fillion

Le Téléjournal 22h
Hosted by Bernard Derome
2005 – 2008

Le Téléjournal Montréal
Hosted by Pascale Nadeau



Canadian federal general elections
2006, 2008, 2011

Quebec general elections
2007, 2008, 2012, 2014

United States presidential election
2008, 2012

French presidential elections
2007, 2012

Papal conclave
2005, 2013

Also worked on the majority of national and global events
between 2005 and 2014


Le Téléjournal
2005 – 2014

Olympic Games for Le Téléjournal
Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014

Networks Design
Worked the in-house creative team and Gédéon-Paris design agency on both the rebranding projects for both networks Radio-Canada and RDI

Coverage of the Iraq War

Featured Screens

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