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How do you turn a 90-tonne whale carcass into an exhibit at the country’s pre-eminent museum? Reporter Kate Allen and photographer Steve Russell took the reader on the journey with Lollipop the whale from the coast of Newfoundland to the Royal Ontario Museum.

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This ambitious project was months in the planning, with a team of six reporters shuttling back and forth between Toronto and Thunder Bay to tell the story of Bombardier’s costly delays in providing streetcars to the TTC. Yet even the best-laid plans went astray, as the design team had to start from scratch about a week before the story was published after the story evolved and changed.

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Iraqi photojournalist Ali Arkady provided the Star and ABC News with arresting images of elite Iraqi soldiers during their campaign against Daesh militants, and their misdeeds all in the name of justice. Reporters Michelle Shephard, Mitch Potter and Bruce Campion-Smith did a masterful job using few words to convey the impact of the story on the citizens of Iraq.

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This three-part online series was an ambitious look at the injustices of Canada’s immigration detention system and the plight of those indefinitely detained. Through the use of interactive elements and stunning photos taken by Anne-Marie Jackson, the Star’s Brendan Kennedy told the story of several inmates and the unjust system that kept them in prison.

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This project was conceived as a fully illustrated and animated experience, telling the story of how one family is keeping the memory of Canada’s remarkable First World War victory alive, 100 years later. Artist Kagan McLeod provided gorgeous full-colour illustrations to complement reporter Jim Coyle’s storytelling, fully capturing the mood and feel of a poignant war story. Subtle animations on several frames help to emotionally drive the story forward and give the reader a sense of history.

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This story took on a big challenge in exploring the complexities of climate change. Reporter Kate Allen and photographer Anne-Marie Jackson took several months to explore how rising global temperatures have a great effect on Canada’s ecosystem and the way we live.

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A co-production between Corporate Knights magazine and the Star’s investigation team, this piece was planned from the ground up as a data-driven story. Reporters Marco Chown Oved and Toby A. A. Heaps worked for several months to sift through the data to weave a compelling narrative about Canada’s largest corporations.

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This ambitious project, done in conjunction with CBC News, took on the heart-wrenching story of families torn apart by flawed testing done at Sick Kids Hospital’s Motherisk lab. With such a sensitive topic, the people drive the story — but in this case, the design was complicated by tricky publication bans.

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Reporter Emily Mathieu and photographer Anne-Marie Jackson told the emotional story of 13 men and women, once homeless but now off the streets. The photos were the clear star of this feature — about a contest meant to showcase their unique view of the city.

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